Ticket to the Moon Youth Theatre Company

About Us

Ticket to the Moon Youth Theatre Company stands as South Africa’s sole national touring youth theatre organization, spanning the breadth of the nation. Under the stewardship of Ticket to The Moon management for the past decade, it now operates independently as a non-profit entity, dedicated exclusively to Educational and Community Theatre.

Our company boasts a committed team, including eight actors, a resident director, logistics director, stage managers, HR director, and audience engagement and tour booking manager. Guided by our principles and manifesto, we pledge to:

  • Offer invaluable experience to graduate actors, enriching their CVs with diverse roles through year-round traveling productions.
  • Extend the enchantment of theatre to underserved regions across South Africa, embracing the nation’s official languages.
  • Provide accessible performances to communities and schools, blending English and vernacular productions.
  • Present insightful and relevant works to South Africa’s youth, including professional renditions of prescribed educational materials.
  • Facilitate fundraising efforts for community centers through our shows.

Emerging from a two-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, Ticket to the Moon Youth Theatre Company has already journeyed over 40,000 kilometers, captivating more than 150,000 young spectators in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Bloemfontein, Western Cape, East London, Makhanda, and Qebertha.

In the 2024/25 season, our primary focus is to extend our reach to areas untouched by the transformative power of theatre and storytelling. To achieve this, fundraising remains pivotal, as touring is a costly endeavor, inherently reliant on external support.

Our current programs are available in English, isiZulu, seSotho, and IsiXhosa, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in our performances.

Edutainment (Educational Entertainment)